Joris Oomen, PhD, chemist, chemical engineer

In these series of reports a compilation is given of an extensive investigation towards the burning and combustion mechanics of heavy-non-volatile organic fuels that in principle are, or can be, applied for heating, primitive lighting and sometimes, for propulsion.

The investigator, Dr. Joris Oomen, a senior chemical scientist and inventor, has spent after his retirement two decennia on investigations, in his own laboratory in Appeltern, The Netherlands.

Joris Oomen has been a very successful investigator in the Philips Nat Labs and there after, in Philips Lighting Company. He has attributed highly to the existing worldwide leading position of Philips Lighting.

Oomen was born in 1932 in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, as one of the five sons of the medical manager of a missionary medical centre sponsored from The Netherlands.

After his childhood on Sulawesi, he got his education on the Utrecht University and was promoted to PhD in the Colloid Chemistry.

Flame Investigation - protect this earth and help!
Flame fractal by Max Renardus

After his retirement he made a tourist journey toward his birth country and regarded the land and their people again, but now with his, in chemical and physical science, experienced eyes.

His most shocking observation was the fast deforestation due to logging of the mangrove forests, for domestic cooking.

Not only erosion of the land is promoted in this way, but moreover, destroying of the marine life will occur on a large scale.

On the other hand he became aware of the deposits of large quantities of the mineral asphalt on several islands.

Further research directed to other alternative fuels, revealed the possibility that on the poor soils, that not could be used for food production, the Jathropa crop easily could be grown.

From it a vegetable oil can be fabricated, that in principle has potentials for cooking and lighting applications.

A serious problem had been shown however, that both asphalt, as well as jathropa oil, generate heavy carbon smoke when burning.

Dr. Oomen, in his professional life familiar with the solving of difficult chemical and physical problems, found here his motivation to tackle this smoke generation process.

In his idealistic mind, he considered it to be his duty to mobilize his considerable skills, in order to help the local people, with whom he had been so familiar, in his childhood years.

Now 70 years older, and with a declining health, he is forced to terminate his investigations before his targets are reached totally.


                                                                                                              Max L.P. Renardus, close friend of Joris Oomen


Joris Oomen after his retirement, on a boat in Sulawesi, making entries in his virtual diary and thinking about more sustainable energy for local people and engaging in eco tourism

When asked about what Joris has in mind with his flame investigation research,  Max L.P. Renardus, former Philips colleague and lifelong friend of Joris responded in an email on March 3, 2017:


"Joris heeft onderzoek gedaan naar het verbrandingsproces van brandstoffen die roeten tijdens de verbranding.

Hij heeft de factoren die deze roetvorming bepalen, in kaart gebracht en aangetoond dat de roetvorming, met behulp van revolutionaire door hem ontwikkelde metaal-gaas  lonten, in aanzienlijke mate is te beïnvloeden.

Daarnaast is hij van mening dat de resultaten van zijn onderzoekingen van wezenlijk belang kunnen zijn  voor processen die plaats hebben in verbrandingsmotoren die wereldwijd worden toegepast voor aandrijvingstechnieken.

De nieuw verkregen kennis, over de fysische, electrische, chemische en electro-chemische processen, die bij de verbranding een belangrijke rol spelen, kunnen een vruchtbare basis vormen voor verder toegepast onderzoek.

Het is zijn vurige wens dat vervolgonderzoeken op basis van door hem verkregen resultaten, worden gepromoot en gesponsord.

Niet in de laatste plaats om ontwikkelingslanden van nieuwe, goedkopere en gezondere kook- en verwarmingsmogelijkheden te voorzien."

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