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Flame Investigation - protect this earth and help!
Flame fractal by Max Renardus

In these series of reports a compilation is given of an extensive investigation towards the burning and combustion mechanics of heavy-non-volatile organic fuels that in principle are, or can be, applied for heating, primitive lighting and sometimes, for propulsion.

The investigator, Dr. Joris Oomen, a senior chemical scientist and inventor, has spent after his retirement two decennia on investigations, in his own laboratory in Appeltern, The Netherlands.


 INTRODUCTION by Joris Oomen:

"I have explored some of the phenomena that accompany the combustion of heavyorganics - asphalt included - experimentally and have formulated their main features. My research focusses on the atomization phenomenon involved in the combustion of heavy organics and of synthetic materials that melt when burning.

I hope to show that such atomization is effected by pyrolytic and electrochemical processes. The very nature of both seems to have been overlooked so far! The model of electrochemical energizing promises manifold applications.

My research focuses on a major phenomenon that occurs at carbonized substrates when combusting non-volatile liquid. If burning of organic materials involves charring and melting, this phenomenon controls the kinetics of atomization of liquid. Its existence seems to have been overlooked thus far. Combustion processes can be broken up into physical models, such as heating, melting, boiling, charring and combusting. However, the analysis of transport in charred parts and atomization of liquids at its surface requires a colloid chemical approach."

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